Sustainable lifestyle

Do you want to live in a more sustainable Green Manner? I will offer tips and advice on how to do a few things a week or month to live in a more sustainable lifestyle. I have found through the years helping people take small steps gets them going, and often they desire to learn more if it is not too time consuming or difficult. From setting up an easy way to recycle to creating an organic garden- Green Manner will help you on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I live and work in Ann Arbor Michigan, love the outdoors, and understand the need to practice the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), conserve water, reduce chemicals used in the home and business, and become aware of the products and materials I purchase. I am residential builder who practices sustainable material procurement and management of waste. I have made my home have zero storm water runoff into the watershed through rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, and permeable hardscapes. I reuse building materials often upcycling (making materials more valuable) them for extended usability. My home is a place people come to learn what they can do to live in a Green Manner.

There will be new content updated regularly, pages offering insight on what can be done to easily accomplish a task, and information on River Safe landscaping and home improvements that are sustainable yet cost effective. My goal is to provide a resource for people wanting to do more to help the environment, create a healthier home, and reduce the use of resources all while keeping a comfortable quality of life.

I feel it all starts with the consumer- what we conserve will ripple through the supply chain reducing the need for energy, raw materials, chemicals, and harvesting our natural resources. You can make a difference by doing what you can- it does not need to be a drastic change in your lifestyle, just an awareness and a few steps on the path to a more sustainable life.


David Dye
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